A unique learning platform that has one goal:


Formative education needs tailoring to a child's needs. With Clevara, each child received their own personalised pathway.

Advanced education demands advanced, tailored learning. Our platform delivers this and more.

Keep professionals at the top of their field, with benefits that greatly exceed mere professional development.

Clevara accelerates skills development helping young people get into jobs that they enjoy.

Clevara accelerates language learning by providing a customised learning environment.

Costs savings, revenue enhancement and forging new revenue streams.

Clevara isn't simply a blackbox solution, but a comprehensive, end-to-end publishing platform that gets you to market quickly and helps you deliver rapid results.
If you are an employer, learning organisation or educational content owner, we will partner with you to create your ideal programme. First we will sit down and identify your needs. Then we will apply benchmarking and diagnostics solutions to define clear learning outcomes, enabling our smart content engine to deliver the most suitable content to each of your users. Clevara's unique adaptive framework tailors the learning process to each individual learner, speeding them to their goal.

Only Clevara can do this straight out the box.

Whether you are looking for improved grades, better services, real-time performance metrics, vocation alignment or any other objective, Clevara is the solution you have been waiting for.
Whether you're looking for improved grades, better services, real-time performance metrics, vocation alignment or other objectives, Clevara has been designed to get you and your organisation there.

Our core objectives are to:

  • Map clear pathways for careers and learning through higher, vocational and professional education
  • Uplift schools' science, technology, engineering and maths learning outcomes
  • Work with content providers to improve RoI and deliver new revenue opportunities.

Clear benchmarks helps define clear learning outcomes


Not just a blackbox, but a flexible solution that helps publishers and education providers get to market faster.

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